2. likeafieldmouse:

    Lori Hersberger - Take Me Where You Want (2003)


  3. kangheekim:

    Installation shots of O0psat Pinkard Gallery.

    March 31-May 19

    (photo documentation: Michael Bussell)

    (via oooooooof)


  4. highlineart:

    Next up on our #TBT look back at #CarolBove is “A Glyph.” Made of steel I-beams which have slowly rusted over the course of a year, it has created a beautiful mix of colors. #Caterpillar (at High Line at the Rail Yards)


  5. snowce:

    Kees van Dongen, Cérès

    (Fonte: bofransson)


  6. fyeahwomenartists:

    Geta Brătescu

    The Traveler (1970)

    Folding Wooden Chair / Paper Print


  7. peterfromtexas:

    Buster Keaton

    (Fonte: moxx-sp, via rollotommasi)


  8. mentaltimetraveller:

    Piero Gilardi, Ettore Sottsass


  9. quoteskine:

    Do What You Love™®© is lazy and unhelpful “advice”


  10. mentaltimetraveller:

    Gedi Sibony


  11. mentaltimetraveller:

    Bernhard Hegglin


  12. mentaltimetraveller:

    gedi sibony


  13. mentaltimetraveller:

    Florian Pumhösl, Miguel Abreu Gallery


  14. mentaltimetraveller:

    Lydia Gifford Bough 2013


  15. tumblropenarts:

    Work in Progress, Installation of Found Objects, 2014

    Sean Elder